Update v1.1.4

NOLA Transit’s Summer 2013 release includes fixes for several bugs and an expanded settings screen. You can now submit feedback about the app directly from Settings! Please use it to let me how you use the app and what you would like to see improve. I’m planning a major release for later in the year and would love to incorporate your ideas.

The update is available starting today in the App Store

Update v1.1.2 with support for the Loyola Streetcar

On January 28th, the RTA will being operation of the Loyola streetcar line, which will run from the Loyola Union Passenger Terminal to Harrah’s Casino on the weekedays, with service all the way to the French Market on the weekends. In addition, there will be major services changes to several other lines. To find out if you will be affected, please consult the RTA’s service alert.

Unfortunately, older versions of the app will not display the new streetcar line correctly. Starting today, NOLA Transit version 1.1.2 is available which is fully compatible with the upcoming service change. In addition to support for the Loyola streetcar line, there are several bug fixes and enhancements. Several screens in the app have been redesigned with ease of use in mind, so that regardless of your state of mind this carnival season you can find your way.

So be prepared for the RTA service change, along with whatever else might come your way this Mardi Gras, grab the free app update from the App Store and happy Mardi Gras!

NOLA Transit 1.1.1

NOLA Transit 1.1.1 has been released to the App Store. It fixes a handful of bugs that may have caused crashing on launch. You can get the newest version by going to the App Store and clicking on “Updates”

As always, if you are having a problem with the app, contact support@nolatransitapp.com and tell us about it. We want to make sure that everything is working great for carnival season. If you are using the app and loving it, please leave a review in the App Store. 

Realtime data comes to New Orleans

The New Orleans RTA has a little christmas gift for all of your riders out there. They have finally “unwrapped” access to their realtime data feed for bus and streetcars and made it available to the general public. Users of NOLA Transit can now see the exact location of their next bus in the app when they switch to the map view. Best of all, that information is available right now if you’ve got the most recent version of the app (version 1.1). Check the app store for a free update if you don’t see any realtime locations.


The RTA’s realtime data feed is brand new so please be patient with NOLA Transit and the RTA as we try and work out any problems that may arise. The RTA does has a small number of buses whose GPS location units are not functioning at this time so you will not see them on the map, but my understanding is that all streetcar locations are reporting correctly. Email info@nolatransitapp.com or send us a tweet @nolatransitapp with what you find out there.

Realtime data is a huge step forward for New Orleans public transit and I believe it will make a big difference for riders in our city. Big congratulations go to the New Orleans RTA on their release of the data and also Ride New Orleans (formerly Transport for NOLA) who were instrumental in opening the realtime data feed up to the public.

NOLA Transit 1.1

A new version of NOLA Transit is available starting today. The update provides numerous bug fixes and enhancements including a top request from riders: Streetcar routes and bus routes are now clearly distinguished on maps and direction screens.

Also new in 1.1 is a mechanism for over-the-air schedule updates. The app will automatically stay updated with the latest service changes published by the RTA, so you will always have the right info when you are at your stop.

App updates are always free for people who have bought the app, so grab your update from the App store and enjoy your ride!

NOLA Transit’s Big Week

NOLA Transit launched last week, bringing easy to use directions and schedule information for public transportation in the city of New Orleans. The response to the launch has been universally positive. So many people in New Orleans make use of public transportation, and everyone recognizes that there is alot of room for improvement. Making public transit info more available and easier to access is one way to make our community better, and I’m proud to play a part in that.

One advantage of a local app is that it can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a particular city. Over time, I’ll be releasing updates to the app which add new features and improve on existing ones. I want to invite everybody to participate in that process. If you’re using the app and have some suggestions on how it can be improved, please get in touch using twitter, facebook, or email. Your feedback is appreciated and will help make the app better.

If you are already enjoying the app, please help spread the word. Tell your friends, your neighbors, and your fellow riders. If you’re on your computer or phone, you can rate the app in the iTunes App Store. Ratings and comments help others find the app when they are searching in the App Store.

Thanks to everyone for making NOLA Transit’s first week a success. I’m excited about the future of the app and what it will mean for public transportation in the city. Stay tuned for what’s next.

NOLA Transit is here

I’m pleased to announce the first release of NOLA Transit, New Orleans’ first public transportation app for iPhone.

When I first started taking the bus to work on a daily basis, I carried a paper schedule in my back pocket. Forever forgetting what time I needed to get going, I circled the times on the schedule that were important to me. This worked pretty well, except that I constantly had paper stuffed in my pockets. In my other pocket I had a phone, which had access to all of the worlds information except, inexplicably, when the next bus would arrive. It seemed like something better had to be out there.

In March, the New Orleans RTA released their schedule data as part of an open-data initiative. As a rider and a software developer, I thought this was great chance to build something that could make the lives of people in my community a little easier. I wanted to have an easy-to-use, attractive app for my phone that gave me access to all the information I might need to go anywhere in the city, and I knew other bus riders wanted it too.

So I got to work, and NOLA Transit is the result.

The first release of NOLA Transit is focused on providing clear step-by-step directions for riding public transportation in the city. Once you tell it where you want to go, NOLA Transit will tell you what bus or streetcar you need to take, when you need to get to your stop, and when you should arrive. Included with your instructions are maps that follow along with you as you make your journey. With iOS6 (available in late September), NOLA Transit will integrate directly with the Maps application in your iPhone, making it even easier to get to your favorite places in the city using public transportation.

The app also has a bunch of features that frequent riders are going to love. Most importantly, the app comes pre-loaded with complete schedule and route information for the New Orleans RTA. That gives you access to the schedule of any stop at any time, even if you have no cell phone coverage. Using your phone’s integrated GPS, you can easily get information for the stops closest to you, or mark stops as “favorites” to have easy access to them any time.

NOLA Transit is available from the iPhone app store, starting today. If you ride around the Big Easy on the bus or streetcar, check it out. I think you’ll like it.

New Orleans' Own Public Transportation App

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