Realtime data comes to New Orleans

The New Orleans RTA has a little christmas gift for all of your riders out there. They have finally “unwrapped” access to their realtime data feed for bus and streetcars and made it available to the general public. Users of NOLA Transit can now see the exact location of their next bus in the app when they switch to the map view. Best of all, that information is available right now if you’ve got the most recent version of the app (version 1.1). Check the app store for a free update if you don’t see any realtime locations.


The RTA’s realtime data feed is brand new so please be patient with NOLA Transit and the RTA as we try and work out any problems that may arise. The RTA does has a small number of buses whose GPS location units are not functioning at this time so you will not see them on the map, but my understanding is that all streetcar locations are reporting correctly. Email or send us a tweet @nolatransitapp with what you find out there.

Realtime data is a huge step forward for New Orleans public transit and I believe it will make a big difference for riders in our city. Big congratulations go to the New Orleans RTA on their release of the data and also Ride New Orleans (formerly Transport for NOLA) who were instrumental in opening the realtime data feed up to the public.

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